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The next round of our online training course Course logo“The Art of Science Communication” starts in early June. If you are interested in improving your communication skills or getting advice and instruction on how to effectively present your science for a non-expert audience, all from the comfort of your home (or lab), then this is the course for you. But don’t just take my word for it. Here are what some of our previous course participants have had to say:

“I wanted to have a better idea of good communication principles that apply specifically to science. I enjoyed the course and learned a lot; I am glad I took the course.”

“I hoped to learn to communicate science better. The course exceeded my expectations.”

“It was great to get advice from people who actually value science communication and have experience with it.”

“As someone educated with very limited formal instruction in science communication this was something that was long overdue. Even with a vast experience of presenting my research, this class has immediately helped me improve my presentations to a science audience. It was also very effective in helping me develop skill and a talk to give to a lay audience. In addition, I think that this course has helped focus my message when writing grants.”

Want more proof of the effectiveness of the course? 85% of our past participants would recommend the course to a friend or colleague, and 90% say they feel better prepared to give a presentation to a non-expert audience.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today to reserve your spot! Applications are being accepted through Friday May 20.

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