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What is this blog?

The Cellular Culture blog features profiles and inside looks at how scientists do science outreach, taking science out of the lab and making it part of popular culture.

What is science outreach?

It’s a term that you a hear a lot these days, but coming up with a clear definition is hard. Is it showing off a demo for K-12 students? Giving an interview with your local paper? Lobbying your member of Congress?

In truth, it’s all of these things. Anytime a scientist brings science to non-scientists, it’s outreach. But it’s much easier to show what outreach is, rather than try to describe it. That’s what the Cellular Culture blog is all about.

Outreach and ASBMB

Cellular Culture is the official outreach blog of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. ASBMB, through its Public Outreach Committee, is fully dedicated to enhancing the participation of scientists in science outreach efforts.

For more information about the committee and their efforts, go to http://www.asbmb.org/Outreach/

So give your cells (and your science) some culture!

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