A BIONIC Community


Following up on the successful 2014 Broader Impacts Summit held this past April, the National Science Foundation this week officially announced that funding has been approved for the Broader Impacts and Outreach Network for Institutional Collaboration (BIONIC) project, which aims to “create a community of practice that fosters the development of sustainable and scalable institutional capacity for and engagement in broader impacts activity.”

The key word in that description is “community,” a point that was emphasized repeatedly during the Broader Impacts Summit. The BIONIC organizers are strongly encouraging input and feedback from those scientists, researchers and educators who are interested in, involved with, or in any way impacted by Broader Impacts.

If you are interested in participating in the BIONIC network, start by signing up for the BIONIC listserv to join the national Broader Impacts discussion:

  • Send a new email to listserv@po.missouri.edu with a blank subject line
  • Delete EVERYTHING from your email (make sure you take out your signature line as well!) except this text:  Subscribe BROADERIMPACTSSUMMIT-L

ASBMB has signed on as on official collaborator for the project, so we will be working closely with the organizers as they build and expand the BIONIC network. Feel free to reach out to us at outreach@asbmb.org with your suggestions!

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